Giveaway Day Winner and an Appendectomy

What an exciting week it has been! I wasted a good amount of time entering giveaways, how about you?

Of course, then there was the emergency appendectomy on Thursday. That was exciting. Joseph, our 8-year-old, woke me up at 1:30 am Thursday morning complaining of stomach pain. All signs pointed to appendicitis so I took him to the emergency room.

Joseph's Appendectomy

He was very excited about the CT scan.

He also got to ride in an ambulance. I think that was the most exciting part of all! They had to transfer him to the children’s hospital and they had already put in his IV to prep him for surgery so the ambulance was the best choice.

Joseph's Appendectomy

He was quite the trooper. We caught it before it “perforated,” as they like to say in the hospital. I like to say burst or exploded or ruptured or something normal like that. Silly me.

Joseph's Appendectomy

The Assistance League has a toy cart at the hospital and each day the kids get to choose a toy and a book from the cart. How cool is that?? He chose a magic kit and a joke book, of course. He couldn’t even be bothered to eat his ice cream, so Dave spooned it in while he was reading.

Joseph's Appendectomy

I never blogged about it, but Eli (who is now 4!ack!) had several surgeries (all at once) in March. I think my goal for this year is no more surgeries!

Joseph’s home now and I did manage to read all the comments on the giveaway last night. I loved every one! Thank you for commenting. And now, without further ado, our winner comment #60:

Mom C: “Wish I had great cleaning/cooking suggestions. I hire a maid, she is fantastic. I feel guilty sometimes but I cleaned for over 50 years, it’s ok for me to quilt instead. Thanks.”

You absolutely deserve to quilt instead of clean, Mom C! Congrats on your prizes! I’ll be emailing you shortly to work out the details.


  1. Southern Gal says:

    Wow. What a week (year) you’ve had! I hope things calm down for you soon. Glad he did well.

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