Seth’s Award


Most days, this is how I feel things are going.

And then they surprise me by doing something really wonderful. About a year ago (plus a little), Seth saved Eli from drowning at a swimming pool. With the help of his Scout leaders, we submitted an application to the BSA for a lifesaving award.


After a lot of waiting (and a lot of paperwork!!) he received his Certificate of Merit. I’m very proud and he was very surprised. While this was happening during the Pack Meeting, Eli turned to me and said, “I’m glad Sethy saved me.” So am I!


Not to be ignored, Joseph earned his first rank advancement. I have that nifty “necklace” to put all the mother’s pins on. The Cub Scout side will be pretty full in a few years.


Aaaand, this is what Penny does during Pack Meetings:


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