I tried journaling. I really did. I even bought a journal that only required me to write what I had eaten each meal and fill in a smiley face to show how I felt about the day. Easy, right? wrong. I think my last entry was right before I started teaching seminary. Three years ago.

At any rate, I had given up on blogging because I ran out of time in my day, but how much time do I spend in the little moments of the day checking Instagram and FB? Couldn’t I just use those moments to write? I miss writing.

The kids have changed exponentially since I was regularly posting here. Catherine is 14 and writing a novel. Most days if she’s not writing, she’s talking. At least some things never change. Seth’s voice is changing, Joseph is becoming a great trumpet player, Juliet finally grew a bit, but is still shorter than Eli. Penny is bossy (ahem… a great leader) and about to graduate from preschool (for real this time, not the fake graduation as she likes to call it).

I’ve been spending more time playing the violin lately. I have several students and have managed to pick up a few gigs here and there. The latest one was Camelot at a local community theater. What is up with that show? Why does Morgan Le Fey have edible furniture? Why is King Arthur such an idiot? Why does it end in a battle scene??

My questions may never be answered because I’m sure as heck never going to pay to see that play. I was filling in for an injured violinist. One of the regular band members described the play as “painfully long.” He was right. During intermission one night, one of the actors sauntered over to us, nursing a cigarette. Between puffs he mutters, “there’s a lady knitting on the front row.” (takes another drag) “the FRONT. ROW.”

I thought I was going to die laughing. Musicians live in a strange netherworld. It’s not clearly visible or even explainable to the general population and it certainly isn’t glamorous, but it’s unique to be sure. And a heck of a lot of fun. Pushing your brain to the limit lets you escape life. Doesn’t everyone need to escape sometimes?

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